Anti-Spam Policy


All representations regarding must be conducted in an open, honest and forthright manner, and must conform to state, federal, and international regulations regarding email and other online communications. does not support, condone, nor tolerate the use of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), also known as Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) or “Spam.” In order to discourage Spam by our Members/Subscribers, has established this policy to regulate all forms of online communications.

This policy applies to any emails, instant messages, IP-2-IP broadcasts, SMS or phone text messages, newsgroup or bulletin board postings or any other electronic communications and/or promoting (collectively “Messages”). Anyone who receives a Message which they believe violates this Anti-Spam Policy is requested to forward the offending communication (with headers) to “”.

Message Content Requirements
All content, graphics and text contained in any Message must be approved by prior to release. All Messages must adhere to Marketing Content Requirements, and must go through the normal Content Approval process. To expedite this review, you should use only pre-approved banners, graphics, text, prospecting and sales letters, follow-up letters taken directly from the Marketing materials section of your Member website. After logging in to your member back office, choose “Tools and Training” from the primary tool bar, then select the appropriate category from the menu list along the left side.

A copy of any proposed Message must be sent to “”. Display or attach the proposed Message content verbatim, and describe how you intend to distribute that Message. You must receive a written reply from approving the Message before it is sent or viewed by the general public. Identification and Headers
In addition to standard Marketing Content guidelines, all Messages must strictly comply with all of the following Anti-Spam requirements, and must contain all of the following:

– your legal name, either personal (first and last) or a properly registered business name;
– a current and valid email address by which recipients may contact you or request removal;
– a current and valid postal mailing address, where recipients may contact you or request removal; and
– your status as a Independent Member, whether you are promoting directly or advertising any third-party marketing group affiliated with

All Messages you send must show a valid email address in the origin (‘From’) field. The origin address listed must be one at which you can receive replies, and which you review at least once every two to three (2-3) days. In addition, no part of the header may contain false, obscured, or forged header information. These requirements must be included in all commercial Messages sent, even follow-up communications.

Message Subject Lines
If you do not have a personal relationship with the person receiving the email message, the first word in the Subject line of any marketing Message must be “{Adv}” or “Adv:”. The remainder of the subject line may only contain captions and text which either have passed Content Approval process or have been taken verbatim from the Marketing materials section of the website. In addition, any subject lines used in the Message must be appropriate to the Message content, and should not be phrased in a deceptive manner or otherwise be likely to mislead recipients as to the actual intent of the Message.

Opt-In Requirement Members may only send Messages to pre-approved addresses, or in response to a specific request for information. You may not solicit or accept addresses from any unapproved third-party source, unless those addresses were gathered for the sole purpose of, and with informed consent to, receive related Messages. You must take reasonable steps to verify that any addresses used are valid and the intended recipients have actively consented to receive Messages.

Automated harvesting of email addresses is expressly prohibited. In the case of message boards, safelists and newsgroups, the forum must be relevant to the Message posted. Specifically, the forum must either allow commercial advertisements, or your posting must be in response to a specific request concerning, or about available products and services offered by

You must keep a copy of all emails, form results or other messages which are sent to you by someone requesting information about, or registering to be on your mailing list. This is your only proof that someone has asked for such information. Accurate record-keeping is essential if receives a Spam complaint against you, or in the event of legal action arising under any relevant Anti-Spam laws to which you may be subject. You should keep these records for the duration of any online marketing campaign, plus for one year after any removal request or after you cease marketing to that recipient address.

Removal Requests
All Messages sent concerning products and services, including any follow-up letters, must contain a valid and operational “Opt-Out” or “Remove” link, which you will review at least every two to three (2-3) days. In addition, you must allow recipients to request removal by replying to the sending address, listed in the origin field of the Message. You may also allow other removal methods if you wish. This “Remove” or “Opt-Out” link must be in all commercial Messages, even follow-up communications.
You must immediately honor any removal request sent by any method, and the responding address or addresses must be removed from all of your mailing lists. You should also keep a record of all such ‘Remove’ requests, including when you receive them, as part of your recipient contact history.

Indirect or “Mutli-Stage” Spam strictly prohibits its Members from using any type of SPAM methodology or process to generate leads that are eventually directed to any website, even if the original mailing(s) or postings(s) did not include any reference to, or a link to any website. This prohibition would also include what is known as “Two-stage” or “Multi-stage” messages, where unsolicited commercial emails request the recipient to respond for additional information without any initial reference to, and are eventually, after some number of responses, provide a link to or any website, product or service, or to any business opportunity in any way related to

To reflect this policy, does not allow ‘blind’ email solicitations, where you ask for the name and email address of someone who might want to be on your mailing list, without telling them what program or products you are offering, then add that person yourself as a pre-enrollee into any third-party program.

If a prospect wants to enroll in any program, or take a free tour, they must enter their own name and contact information themselves. You cannot enter their contact info for them.
Third-Party Marketing Companies Members may use third-party marketing companies and autoresponder systems to send emails promoting website, products and services, or promoting other programs and groups related to However, you are personally responsible for all activities conducted by these third-party senders on your behalf. If you hire or allow someone else to send out email messages or other forms of online marketing, you are also liable for any violations of policies that these third-party senders commit in your name.

Willful blindness or refusal to take responsibility for the actions of such third-party senders is no excuse. As such, you should read the terms of use for any such third-party marketing companies closely, and use only those companies who guarantee and warrant that they will not send spam, and who are willing to abide by all requirements of the Anti-Spam Policy, including the Opt-In requirements noted above.

Review and Notification
Any allegation or complaint regarding Spam sent to will be immediately investigated to determine if any policies and/or any state, federal or international regulations have been violated.

For purposes of this Anti-Spam policy, the term “Member” shall include all Subscribers and/or any user of any website, as well as all active and inactive Members.

Any Member found or alleged to be sending Spam will be notified promptly, including the details of the incident and a reminder of the consequences for any violation. This notification will be sent to the email address has on record. If has no email address for you on file, we will notify you via either fax or postal mail, or you will be contacted by phone, again at the address of record. It is your responsibility to ensure always has accurate and current contact information for you on file. You must respond to any inquiry or request regarding Spam complaints within 72 hours of being contacted.

You will have the opportunity to explain what you believe happened, and to present any records you have which would show that you have not violated policies, or any government regulations. will review all of this material, along with any evidence contained in or presented with the original complaint.

Automatic Suspension
Any confirmed violation of’s Anti-Spam Policy will result in immediate and automatic suspension of your online marketing privileges.

A second violation while under such suspension will be treated as a severe violation of policies, and subject you to immediate termination of your Associate Member position, as described below.

In addition to the above actions, you will also be subject to any of the penalties below, as well as to any remedies allowed by policies and procedures, or applicable law. retains sole discretion with regard to interpretation and enforcement of this policy over its Associate Members. In the event of any dispute regarding this policy, the decision of shall govern and be final.

Penalties for Violation strictly prohibits its Associate Members from sending any type of Spam. Anyone found to have violated this Anti-Spam Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary measures, including suspension and/or termination of their membership status, and forfeiture of any pending or future commissions.

First Offense
In’s sole discretion, for a first offense, an individual may have their Member/Subscriber status suspended for thirty to ninety (30-90) days, including removal of all access to the Member’s website and no refund for any Service Fees will be permitted. Other effects of suspension are as described above and in’s Policies and Procedures.